Sound Bath

We all have different hair types and have to choose haircare products according to it. But still there are some tips that are applicable to all hair types.

During a sound bath, participants typically lie on the ground while I play a variety of sounds with various musical instruments to create a relaxing, meditative experience for participants.

I use a combination of different instruments because each gives off different frequencies, or vibrations. 
– Crystal bowls 
– Koshi Chimes 
– Tuning forks 
– Gongs 
– Drums
– Metal singing bowls 

I begin the session, with a guided meditation, and instruct participants in breathwork as well. 
“A sound bath seeks to balance our physical, emotional, and mental systems, restoring a sense of harmony,”

While a sound bath is supposed to bring you into a deep state of meditation, you don’t need experience in meditation to try it. Anyone can benefit from the calming effects.


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